Bright House CleaningBright House Cleaning

Bright House Cleaning provides a thorough clean that enhances your indoor air quality to better protect the safety and health of your family while reducing environmental impact on your local water supply. By letting us clean for you, you are also assisting to provide a living wage to our home cleaners in a way to bring exemplary service into your house. Our quality assurance systems and stress-free scheduling keep us at the top of our game so you can have reliable and consistent service that shines.

Clean Home

You can count on us to provide a space that is not only free of dirty hand prints and dust bunnies but also mildew, bacteria utilizing nothing but plant-based, organic materials, and our bare hands!

Clean Earth

We take our role in the protection of our ecosystem seriously. Greener methods help minimize pollution to our waterways and the air we respire. It reduces the impact on ozone depletion and global climate change with lesser chemicals.

Clean Conscience

We are real people with real bills and we work very hard to be the best in our trade. We believe in paying our cleaners a living wage as when we thrive, we are better prepared to provide top service.

You can always expect the same consistency and quality of work with every visit from Bright House Cleaning. It is our objective to promote and use non-toxic, effective and naturally derived safe agents, along with low-impact processes to make houses glow. We support our customers in achieving a more earth-friendly and simple lifestyle that will fit any budget.